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Since 2010, SkinnyBytes has supplied its customers with more than just systems and components. We are a business partner, a trusted provider of comprehensive product lines and solutions, backed by a solid guarantee, fast and friendly service, and delivering incredible value. 

SkinnyBytes has partnered with leading manufacturers to develop these ultra low power bundled PoE computing systems. 

Power-Over-Ethernet Technology


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The Value Proposition of PoE

Eliminating the need for an AC outlet can easily reduce installation costs by 50% or more, eliminating the need to hire electricians and expensive cabling.  If you need to install a computer in a location that does not already have an electrical outlet nearby, it could easily cost more to simply install an electrical outlet to power the computer than it will to purchase the actual computer itself.  Read the white paper detailing how Purdue University was able to save $300 to $1000 per device by utilizing PoE technology and eliminating the labor costs incurred from contracting an electrician to run wiring for new AC outlets.

Eco Friendly
PoE computers are Eco-Friendly computers consuming 90% less power than a traditional computer, drastically reducing your energy bills.     

AC power is  dangerous due to the high-voltage/high-current it supplies.  For example in classroom environments where the safety of the students is of the highest concern, it would be hazardous to install dozens of AC outlets within reach of curious students.  Our PoE computers utilize low-voltage/low-current power over a standard network cable, making them compliant with UL classifactionSELV for Safety Extra Low Voltage. This makes our PoE Computer the ideal Classroom Friendly Computer, with a standard TouchScreen interface making them perfect for interactive learning.

Most of our PoE computers are compatible with IEEE standard 802.3at for Power-Over-Ethernet, which describes providing up-to 30 watts of power to a device over a standard ethernet network cable.  Utilizing emergent technologies such as hyper-fast SSD Solid State Drives, low-power Intel Processors, LED backlighting, and passive cooling technologies that require no cooling fans, we have created a product line of PoE computers that can run on a meager 30 watts of power without sacrificing performance.  By eliminating moving components from our systems, we are able to reduce the power requirements of our systems by 90% compared with traditional computing systems.

One cable provides all of your power and data.  Eliminate the tangled mess of cords and power strips.

All SkinnyBytes systems offer VESA mount options or can be placed on a desktop.  You can power the unit via PoE or use the included AC adapter as needed.  And best of all by utilizing PoE you install anywhere your network cable can reach, without requiring an AC outlet nearby for power.  As the computer is not shackled to an AC outlet, you have the freedom to place the computer exactly where you desire, and the flexibility to easily relocate to a new location as you choose. 

All of our systems are tailored toward business and educational institutions, perfect suited for Digital Signage, Kiosk, Panel PC, Conference Rooms, Digital Classrooms, and more.  No moving components translates into highly durable and reliable systems.  



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Computer systems engineered for low power, durability, and performance.  Bundled with PoE comes out of the box with everything you need to deploy.


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At SkinnyBytes, we know you need to get your Systems deployed with the minimal cost and hassle. This is why we offer innovative, durable, cost effective PoE solutions which simplify installation and reduce the costs to implement. AC power is expensive and time consuming to install, and effectively shackles your Systems to an AC receptacle.  Providing all of your power and data over PoE breaks the shackles and gives you the flexibility to install and relocate your systems to suit your needs.

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